Trampoline Park: An Ottawa Tradition

A bit of a back story

Last summer, one of my best friends – Jerusha – and her husband moved to Ottawa. About a week after they moved, I took a road trip (yes, I made the drive alone) up to visit them. While trying to figure out what fun things we wanted to do during my week there, we came across the Xtreme Trampoline Park website. I had never been to a trampoline park before but thought it would be pretty fun. Jerusha was game for it. But, for the life of us, we could not convince Caleb to join us.

As I continued poking around on the website, I came to the events section and discovered that Friday was Xtreme Night — meaning black lights and a live dj. How could we pass that up? So that’s the night we went.

We were probably the oldest ones there. But we got a free pair of socks and gatorade. And did we ever laugh hard and walk away with some memories.

We were in a trampoline dodgeball pit just throwing the ball back and forth at each other. This poor, unsuspecting child we had never seen before enters the pit….not knowing what she’s walking into. Soon after, Jerusha whips a dodgeball at it, it hits her, and Jerusha yells “YOU’RE OUT!”  Another favorite memory was jumping off a trampoline into this massive inflated bag. Let me tell you, I had that hardest time climbing out of that thing. I was struggling pretty hard.

All that to say…

Xtreme Trampoline seems to be our tradition. I went to visit Jerusha and Caleb over the Canada Day weekend  a few weeks ago. Jerusha and I decided we’d better hit the trampoline park again.  I checked the website to make sure Xtreme Night was still a thing…but the website informed me that the coming Friday night with 90s Night!

So what did I do? I went right to Giant Tiger to get myself a headband. And then I strapped on my fanny pack and off we went, listening to a 90s cd the whole drive there.

We were pumped and we were ready.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.51.32 PM

What we’re about to get ourselves into…


When we arrived, 90s night seemed very similar to Xtreme Night….except this time, not only did we get free socks and gatorade, we also got free tye dye tshirts.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.51.30 PM

Got our tye dye t-shirts on and ready to go!


We hit the dodgeball pit again. Jerusha threw a dodgeball at me as I was in mid air. The dodgeball landed right beneath my feet as I was coming down for a landing, so down I went. She continued to show no mercy, throwing dodgeballs at unknown children.

I beat ‘er out of there. We went to jump into that massive inflated bag again. Thankfully, it was more inflated this time, so I was able to climb out of it much easier. Whew.

Then Jerusha and I went to our locker. We had the door open to get something out when this guy comes to his own locker. Upon seeing him out of the corner of her eye and being startled, Jerusha screams. I’d say he was pretty startled too.

Overall, trampoline night was yet again a success. Although the dj didn’t play any Aqua. Or Vengaboys. Or Spice Girls. Is it really the 90s without?

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.51.26 PM

Sweaty, exhausted, but having a blast!


A fun time was had by all. Looking forward to my next visit to Ottawa and Xtreme Trampoline.

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