La Vie en Rouge

Tonight, I got to do something I’ve been wanting to do all year…

Go to a Sephora event.

I’ve been getting invites to them since the beginning of the year, but I was never able to go. Usually because they’d be on, say, a Thursday night, and the closest Sephora was just about two hours away.

But this summer, a new Sephora- only about fifteen minutes away – opened. They opened on a Friday, but I got an invite to attend the early opening party on Thursday evening. But I was away camping that night, so I couldn’t go.

That’s why when I got the invite for the Soiree, I was especially excited. Finally… finally I could attend an event. And I could bring a friend. So I RSVPd and awaited Thursday with much anticipation.

I picked Amanda up and we headed to the mall. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect as this was my first event. The store was closed off to everyone whose name wasn’t on the list. We were warmly greeted upon arrival.

At first, I was thinking, “how are we going to spend two hours here?” Now don’t get me wrong – I’ve spent a lot of time at Sephora before. So two hours isn’t hard to get in there. But I was just there a few days ago and there wasn’t much new for me to look at. But, Amanda and I browsed and swatched a bunch of products. We tried out some “online exclusive” items they had in store just for the event — including a $230 moisturizer from La Mer (the scent bothered my head) and a Violet Voss eyeshadow palette.

Amanda and I stopped by the Beauty Bar and noticed a woman getting something sprayed on her face. I thought it was air brush foundation, but it wasn’t. It was a skin care routine! They were offering free facials with this air brush thing so we made sure to get our names on the list!

It wasn’t a long wait as there was only one person ahead of us. Amanda went first. They gave us disposable headbands to hold our hair back out of our faces.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.39.01 PM

Amanda just before her facial.


I sat on the other side of the booth and helped myself to some water and chocolates.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.39.15 PM

Complimentary treats while waiting.


Then it was my turn. I chose some Tatcha products for my facial. We started out with cleansing the skin using Tatcha’s Deep Cleanse.

Brooke mixed together a few serums and water for the air brush thing.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.40.49 PM

Waiting for my air brush facial and wearing a disposable headband.


First, the air brush just sprayed air all over my face. It sounds simple, but it felt so relaxing and nice. After a few minutes of that, the serum was sprayed on. It was sprayed on quite heavily as it was dripping down my face some. Then she sprayed the oxygen again to help the serum sink in and then she massaged it into my face.

To end the facial, she used some of Tatcha’s The Water Cream to moisturize. And let me tell you, my face felt like a dream. So smooth and moisturized. When I came home, my dad told me he could see a noticeable difference in the appearance of my skin.

Before we knew it, it was 8:30pm, and we needed to start wrapping up our shopping. Amanda found some goodies. I ended up getting Tarte’s Mer-mist – a shimmer spray. It’s pretty extra, but I thought it would be really pretty for the summer when I’ve got a bit of a tan going on.

Amanda and I both ended up getting sample bags with our purchases.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 10.39.07 PM

My spoils: Tarte’s Mer-mist and the sample bag including products from Living Proof, Origin, Josie Maran, Nars, Guerlain, Dermologica, Skyn Iceland, and Stila.


What a great night we had! It was so nice to have a girl’s night out, get a little pampering, and some new products to use. Shoutout to Sephora for hosting such a great event.

I’m really looking forward to (hopefully) more Sephora events this year.

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